* We deliver and install fiberglass swimming pools produced by AVI under the SKYMIRROR brand name. Experienced with fiberglass swimming pools. We are exclusive dealears for the Bucuresti - Ilfov - Prahova - Giurgiu - Dambovita area.
* Swimming pools accessories distribution. We are the official distributer for AQUA THERM CO S.R.L. from Bucharest.
* Other services : Lawn and Garden Services, Boat Maintentance / Reparation, Service / On-site Intervention, Special transportation.

Our teams build swimming pools of any size or type. We provide concrete, fiberglass or steel panel swimming pools. We use and recommend to our clients high quality accessories provided by famous producers.
We are available for any type of swimming pools reparation (damaged pipes replacement, pumps reparation / replacement, filters reparation / replacement, old swimming pools modernization, installations review
Boats reparations/maintentance
minor replacement, structural reparations, major reparations, retouches, professional painting
Swimming means benefits for the muscles, heart condition improvement, benefits for the respiratory system or the central nervous system...
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